Tracking system

This tracking system can make full use of sunlight.
This system can control the driving system track the sun automatically by GPS device and time control device. It keeps solar panels at the best angle for receiving sunlight from sunrise to sunset.


➊ To utilize for land

The system adopts independent support. So you can make full use of land such us planting some cash crop on ground.

➋ High power generating efficiency

Maximum generation hours can be from 8 hours to 12 hours. It is able to increase power generation.

➌ Easily assemble and short period of construction

This tracking system adapts simple design. It is able to cut the construction period and cost.

➍ Correspond to snow zone and strong wind

This tracking system can change to the right position in strong wind, rain, or snow.

Photovoltaic for business

We suggest low voltage (from 10kw to 50kw) plant for investors.


➊ Effective utilization for land or roof top

You can use the roof top of factory or building, or idle land.

➋ Good economic efficiency

It makes more electric power than for surplus value.

➌ Environmental contribution

It can cut the CO2 for environment.

➍ Ensure for natural calamities

You can use electricity during a power failure.

Photovoltaic for condominiums

➊ High rate of reduction

You can use the rooftop of condominium.

➋ Useful during a power failure

You can use the electricity power by emergency plug

➌ effective utilization for space

It is effective utilize for roof top of condominium.

Photovoltaic for house

➊ Reducing the electricity charge during daytime

You can use electric power from the photovoltaic plant during daytime.

➋ Insulation effectiveness

Module will protect roof top of the house. It leads to insulation effectiveness that to be summer into cooling and winter into warming.

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