Our Small Wind Turbine LC9800 is good design, reasonable and useful.
Out put is 9.8kW. It is possible to operate 24hr.
The system move to wind direction automatically.

LC9800 Specification

Items Description
Model LC9800
Design class SWT ClassⅢ
Type Up wind, 3blades
Blade Material FRP
Blade length 3.9m
Rotor diameter 37kg
Swept area 7.8m
Hub height 48㎡
Rated electrical power 12.2m
Rated voltage 3-ph 400VAC
Rated frequency 50Hz
Design wind speed 10.5m/s
Cut-in wind speed 3.0m/s
Rated wind speed 10.0m/s
Cut-out wind speed N/A
Max wind speed 52.5m/s(3s average)
Rated rotation speed 150rpm, clockwise
Power control methods Side furling stall
Braking Mechanical brake, Side furling, Electrical brake
Generator PMG
Main controller MCU
Temperature range -20℃~+50℃
Design life 20years

Installation Conditions

■Product Warranty 2years
■Operation Warranty 18years (*Maintenance contract required)

We recommend to do maintenance every year.

■Long pole (20m)
Power Curve
Cut-in:3m/s Cut-out:N/A Rated wind speed:10m/s

Building case

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